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MIND AND BODY REJUVENATION THROUGH HUMOR (Connecting Mind and Body Through Laughter)

This program focuses on the power of humor and its impact on our bodies both physically and mentally.  It highlights the importance of laughter, a sense of humor, positive attitude, balance in life, and the choices we make each day for improving our quality of living.  This presentation covers the three major concepts of humor as well as three humor skills designed to make life less stressful and more peaceful.  it includes current research and information on the impact of laughter on our bodies for sound health.  Enjoy Joe's anecdotes, funny stories, and inspirational messages and their natural links to his informational pieces, all designed to help you develop a different perspective on the meaning of life through humor.

(This presentation is aprroximately sixty minutes in length and provides additional time for an ending question and answer segment)

THE HIDDEN POWER AND MAGIC OF HUMOR (An Immense Power at Your Fingertips)

A generic presentation of humor and its impact on our lives for overall wellness as well as its power for improving creativity, leadership qualities, and overall morale/uplift at home and in the workplace. This seminar focuses on the power of humor for wellness, both physical and emotional. Presentation begins with an introduction defining humor, along with humorous examples addressing each of the above areas discussed. This session also includes a five-minute comedy routine that highlights the main topics. Throughout the presentation, anecdotes, funny stories, and one-liners are used to further support all informative materials.
(A blend of information, applied research, comedy, and inspiration)
This presentation is approximately seventy-five minutes in length and provides a question and answer segment after each part.
LAUGH YOUR WAY OUT OF STRESS (Using Laughter in Facing Life's Absurdities)
This presentation focuses on using humor for overall stress reduction at home and in the workplace. An introduction with five minutes of comedy standup sets the mood for this presentation. Areas covered include recognizing that "life is absurd" and understanding that as human beings we are constantly confronted with absurdities that we need to perceive in a more positive way. Program focuses on "taking ourselves lightly while taking our job responsibilities seriously." Three inspirational and humorous messages provide the audience with an understanding of how humor brings all of us together by raising our "overall state of consciousness," resulting in a sharper and clearer understanding of the impact of humor on our physical and mental well being. (an approach to reducing stress through comedy, humor, information, and inspiration)
This presentation is approximately one hour in length and provides interaction with participants. A question/answer session is provided.
THE HUMOR APPROACH FOR WELLNESS AND STRESS REDUCTION (A Mind & Body Program for Improving Your Quality of Life)
This program is designed for the corporate and educational setting and focuses on the use of humor and laughter for improving overall wellness and promoting stress reduction. Presentation focuses on the concept that "If you feel good physically, you are going to perform better mentally, and if you perform better mentally you are going to handle stress more effectively." A five-minute comedy routine sets the stage for applying humor to wellness while informational segments and inspirational messages reinforce positive attitude and choices we make each day. The second segment on stress again begins with a comedy routine and highlights our perceptions of life including the development of humor skills to face life's absurdities. Informational segments and inspirational messages again reinforce the "mind and body" theme. (A blend of inspiration, research, laughter, information, and comedy)
This presentation is approximately seventy-five minutes in length and provides a question and answer segment after each part.
SO YOU WANT TO BE FUNNY (Comedy Is A Science-Take It Seriously)
This presentation/workshop highlights "comic vision" which is the necessary part of every comedian's life. A five-minute standup routine begins this workshop to set the overall mood for the discussion. The main focus in on the "theory of comedy," major comedic principles, and secret techniques of the standup or comic. Examples including real life situations, funny stories, jokes, one liners, and anecdotes help participants to better understand how a comic perceives "life's absurdities" and develops these into comical routines which are also responsible for raising our state of consciousness and bringing all of us together to better understand and enjoy life's many challenges and setbacks. Learning to take yourself lightly while taking your job responsibilities seriously is examined and discussed. Discussions on the definition of a joke, the carpentry of humor, delivery, timing, setup line, and punch line helps illustrate that most "comedy is tragedy." (a simplified, yet technical, discussion designed to provide the listener with a clearer understanding of comedy and the basic skills necessary for professional story telling and the effective communication of humor to others)
This presentation can vary in length from 60 to 75 minutes and involves willing participants in providing their own humorous stories and comic vision. A brief question/answer session is included.
YES, YOU DO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR (A Humorous Guide For Positive Everyday Relationships)
This presentation explores the importance of both having and communicating a sense of humor for improving relationships at home, improving morale in the workplace, and providing a positive environment to enhance personal relationships. Short discussions focus on the importance of smiling and laughter and how these two areas make you more acceptable and trusted with those you come in contact each day. A sense of humor and its development is discussed Humorous examples and a series of related funny stories and one-liners further support all material discussed. The importance of having choices in your life (being in a good mood or bad mood at the beginning of each day as well as accepting daily problems with a more positive attitude) is highlighted. (A blend of humor and inspiration, and information highlighting the importance of laughter as a social lubricant)
This presentation is approximately one hour in length and provides flexibility for audience interaction. A short question/answer session follows.




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Joe is an inspirational and motivational speaker on humor for wellness, stress, positive living, quality of life, learning, creativity, and leadership  Joe's content includes materials such as biology of joe, pathways to pleasure, highways to happiness, attitude, choices, inspirational stories, uplifting anecdotes, and informational formats.  His topics focus on a variety of groups including cancer groups, caregivers, religious affiliations, corporations, educational institutions, senior citizen groups, gated communities, and the elderly.