Jonathan Cowles, Executive Director - Middlesex County Bar Association
Best inspirational and comedic performance we've ever had, hands-down! Lawyers can be a tough crowd for any speaker and we were reluctant to bring Joe in, but he connected with them immediately. I was late for the opening and as I approached the room where he had just started, all I heard was laughter . . . and this wasn't "polite" laughter, it was "deep-down, from-the-pit-of-your-stomach" laughter. And it continued throughout his performance! Joe has a unique ability to intertwine comedy with real-life experiences to illustrate the positive effects humor has on our own lives as well as those with whom we come in contact. Would I recommend him? Well . . . let's just say that we've already booked him for Part 2!
Gary Grysko, Manager - Systems Maintenance Division - PSE&G
Joe, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your outstanding presentations at our December "All-Hands" Safety & Wellness Training Sessions. Your presentations on utilizing humor as a tool to reduce stress was very enjoyable and inspirational. It gave everyone a different and new perspective at life's challenges. Your message on COMEDY = TRAGEDY + DISTANCE is one that they will always remember and utilize both on & off the job. After the presentations, our associates couldn't stop raving about the sessions and they felt better both mentally and physically. Your presentations were very worthwhile and will enable my team to stay focused on safety & wellness throughout the years to come. I would strongly recommend you and your seminars to other managers within our company.
Deborah Meade, Conference Chair - AIRS (Allience For Information & Referral Services Of NJ NORWESCAP)
Mr. Cardone was the keynote presenter for our Annual Conference. What a treat! The work we do daily is so very stressful, trying to link consumers with services when sometimes there is nothing to refer them to. Mr. Cardone gave us 45 minutes of humor, trying to make sure that we take care of ourselves so we can better take care of those who need our help. A breath of sunshine! Not only was he very funny, but he had very inspiring words of wisdom.
Kathleen Roth, Director - Department of Aging - Piscataway Township
Joe They say that "laughter is the best medicine" and your visit to the Senior Citizen Center in November 2005 certainly gave proof to this adage. Over 150 seniors were given the opportunity to hear your presentation on the "Power and Hidden Magic of Humor." It received 'rave reviews' from your audience that day. Not only was it informative and inspirational; best of all, it was hilarious. Our membership learned just how humor and laughter can positively affect their physical condition and mental acuity thus increasing their learning, creativity, and leadership skills. What a great way to address topics of sensitivity and wellness through humor; you master the skill well. Once again, thanks for enriching the lives of our senior membership and for helping us in our goal which is to improve the quality of life for the senior residents of Piscataway Township.
Diane Lemcoe, Dean of Enrollment Management - Middlesex County College
On two occasions I invited Joe to speak to a large group of employees at Middlesex County College. Each time, we were going through change, and I thought a little humor added to our work would help us. Joe did not disappoint us at all. The first time he spoke about "Student Satisfaction and Effective Communication" and the second time he spoke about "Humor and Change." On each of these occasions, we spent an hour laughing but also learning something useful about how to improve our interactions with our customers (students) and ourselves. Joe put everyone at ease and helped us see how we can turn any interaction into something positive as well as how to be a better team member. It was one of the most productive hours we have ever spentand we spent the whole hour laughing! I highly recommend him.
Ruth Ziznewski, Director of Curriculum - Metuchen Board Of Education
Joe Cardone* presented a workshop, Humor As an Empowerment Tool, to our 230 teachers, administrators, and Board of Education members. Once again, he had them rolling in the aisles while providing important and practical information about dealing with the ups and downs of life. Joe is a very special person; his unique approach in using humor to reduce stress and improve one's sense of wellness is a philosophy that all should adopt. *Joe Cardone worked in the Metuchen Public Schools as a teacher and supervisor for more than 35 years. Joe kept the lunchroom in stitches, rattling off one-liners that resulted in belly laughs from everyone within hearing. After his retirement we called him back to present the workshop described above.
Beth Mané, CAVS, MBA, Manager, Volunteer Services - Saint Peters University Hospital
Joe Cardone has been a dedicated volunteer at Saint Peter's University Hospital since August 2003. Joe has entertained our volunteers, staff and patients on a regular basis with his wealth of one-liners, combined with the wisdom of his experience. His gift of caring and dedication to healing the human condition through humor has made him a favorite with Doctors in our oncology department who assign him patients to visit. Joe has made a tremendous difference in the lives of children in our behavioral health unit helping them deal with their feelings in a positive way. Staff in our Engineering Department begin the day on a happy note after hearing Joe's uplifting presentations. Whether it's emceeing events or sharing his message in a warm, imaginative, entertaining way, Joe is an accomplished speaker, capable of engaging professional audiences. We have been fortunate to have Joe as a part of our Saint Peter's volunteer family.
Loretta Jantos, PsyD, Director of KEEPS - Center for Family Guidance, PC
Joe Cardone has been providing an invaluable service for over two years at the For KEEPS (Kids Embraced and Empowered through Psychological Services) Program at Saint Peter's University Hospital. With his wealth of knowledge and lifetime eclectic experience, Mr. Cardone brings to our children an understanding of the six essentials of life by reframing and restructuring perception using humor and magic. He is successful at teaching the children how to laugh and learn; how to work hard and be honest; the importance of a positive attitude and the respect for others. Mr. Cardone's dynamic personality and presentation skills continue to captivate our children of all ages. We are very fortunate to enjoy Mr. Cardone on a weekly basis as he gives freely of his time, his skills, and his heart.
Craig Lampert, MD, Center for Hematology & Oncology, -
Joe came to us in 2005 volunteering his services as a humor therapist for our oncology patients at St. Peter's University Hospital. At first we assumed that Joe was here just to make patients smile and laugh. We soon discovered that his purpose went well beyond that. Joe has the unique ability to sense a patient's needs and then decide on adding a mixture of inspiration, information, and motivation, along with the laughs. His understanding of the need for a positive attitude in those who are ill, along with his comedic ability to make others laugh, has most definitely helped raise the quality of life for many of our patients.
John Kruszewski, Caregiver, Sayreville, NJ, -
I am of the belief that all of us have a ministry in life, a ministry not necessarily associated with a theological degree or ministerial training. Joe is just such an individualhe possesses a ministry of humor. I've had the unique opportunity to observe in practice what Joe teachers about in theory in his presentations. Joe's stories and comedy, along with his inspiration, provided my very Dear Dad (Ziggy) with some outrageous humor when my Dad needed it the most. Joe gave my ill Dad thunderous belly laughs and tears of joy when he was still able to experience them. When my Dad became terminally ill and unable to laugh, Joe's tender use of humor gave my Dad a chance to smileand what a beautiful smile it was. I am very certain that my Dad's last smile came as a result of Joe's gentle comedy and loving presence. It is that smile that carried my Dad to his reward. It is that smile that remains etched in my memory, and it is that smile that makes me eternally grateful to Joe for his ministry of humor. He is unequalled as a man of integrity, character, and sincerity. Those who come to his presentations must understand that they are witnesses to a truly remarkable individual.
Damian Cardone June 20, 2010, Joe Cardone's Son -
My name is Damian Cardone, Joe Cardone's son. I'm 39 years old and still a student of life, its experiences, and everything my father tried to teach me. I was the classic, rebellious teenage kid and thought I knew everyting. After many chances, opportunities, and a lot of forgiveness, I still screwed up. Tough love was administered by my parents. I was alone, no money, no friends, no home, and most of all, no love or family. A man cannot feel any emptier. My father always told me that a man without a family has nothing. He was never more right. Fortunately, I pulled myself together and built a life for myself. Best of all, I was given a second chance. I made amends and peace with my family. Not a lot of people are fortunte to come full circle in life. Some are too blind to see the opportunity. I'm thankful I saw it. I was even able to make my folks proud. It is a feeling I will never forget because it motivated me to keep pursuing life. I look back on all the times I wasted arguing with my father. Now I realize he was right about eveything. All the knowledge I would need in life, my father was trying to provide me. I was just too young and too stupid to realize it. My father, Joe Cardone, the man I once resented, argued with, rebelled against,and thought was the biggest pain in my life, is now the man who every day I wake up and try to be. Thanks Dad. Love Damian PS Happy Father's Day From Dad--Thanks Damian. Mom and Dad love you. too.