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Joe Cardone
Humor Consultant & Inspirational Speaker

Joe Cardone is a humor consultant and inspirational speaker in the corporate and educational domain, presenting a variety of seminars, programs, and workshops on the value of humor for wellness, stress reduction, and positive living.  His presentations are a blend of information, comedy, inspiration, and motivation.

He was a comedian in the early fifties performing in the Catskills, Poconos, New York City, and Philadelphia and later entered the field of education becoming a supervisor/administrator at the college and public school levels.

Joe is a guest lecturer on both Celebrity and Royal Caribbian Cruise Lines in their Enrichment Series for self enhancement, wellness, stress reduction, and overall quality of life.  He has appeared on three Celebrity and five Royal Caribbean cruises, completing his latest booking in April 2008.

He volunteers his services at St. Peter's University Hospital, New Brunswick, New Jersey working closely with a group of  oncology physicians in providing humor therapy for patients. He also uses his expertise working with a psychologist and her staff in a KEEPS program doing humor for anger management for children in grade levels 2-8.

Joe has a BA Degree from Wilkes University, an MA Degree from Temple University, and supervisory/administrative certification from Montclair State University. (see below for published articles)



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