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Makes us kinder to one another
Acts as a social lubricant bringing us closer together
Raises our state of consciousness about life
Impacts positively on our body for wellness
Assists in stress reduction
Assists in the healing process
Releases endorphins and dopamine to fight pain and stress
Improves overall quality of life
Develops leadership qualities
Provides more control of ourselves and our environment
Assists in the learning process
Improves morale at home at in the workplace
Breaks down communication barriers
Makes us "feel good inside"
Is the KEY to maintaining a well-balanced quality of life
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor - The online self improvement encyclopedia
As a comedian, as well as a teacher / administrator on both the high school and college levels, and now as a humor consultant and inspirational speaker in his work with oncology physicians to uplift and inspire patients, Joe fully understands the importance of humor and laughter for wellness/ stress (mind & body), leadership, learning, creativity, morale, effective communications, and overall positive living. (see "about Joe" for published articles)
All of Joe's presentations, seminars, and workshops are uplifting, thought provoking, comical, informative, and highly inspirational

Joe's informative and comedic presentations will keep you laughing while his inspirational messages continue providing the opportunity for focusing more clearly on the serious aspects of everyday living and for improving your quality of life.
As a Father's Day message: Read Damian Cardone's letter to me on my client testimonials. It is the greatest gift of joy anyone can receive.
"Humor and Laugher Are Powerful Equalizers In Balancing Positive and Negative Thoughts."
"You Can't Be Angry and Laugh at the Same Time."
"Humor Makes Us Kinder and Gentler to One Another."
"For Your Own Wellness, If You Want to Feel Good Inside, Make Someone Else Feel Good Inside."
National Speakers Association